Security privilege access to the user – D365 finance and operations

To check that user has access to specific privilege in d365 finance and operation use below code

    // <summary>
    /// check user has privilige access
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name = "_privilege">privilege identifier as string</param>
    /// <param name = "_userID">UserId</param>
    /// <returns>boolean</returns>
    public static boolean checkUserHasPrivilgeAccess(str _privilege, UserId _userID = curUserId())
        UserInfo userInfo;
        SecurityUserRole securityUserRole;
        SecurityPrivilege securityPrivilege;
        SecurityRolePrivilegeExplodedGraph securityRolePrivilegeExplodedGraph;

        select firstonly RecId, Id, ObjectId, networkDomain from userInfo
            exists join securityUserRole where securityUserRole.User == _userID
            exists join securityRolePrivilegeExplodedGraph 
                where securityRolePrivilegeExplodedGraph.SecurityRole == securityUserRole.SecurityRole
            exists join securityPrivilege 
                where securityPrivilege.RecId == securityRolePrivilegeExplodedGraph.SecurityPrivilege 
                && securityPrivilege.Identifier == _privilege;

        return userInfo.RecId;

You can get privilege identifier from SecurityPrivilege table using privilege name or description

Leave a comment if you have any question.

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