What’s new or changed in Dynamics Finance version 10.0.7 , – (January 2020)

Below are summary about the new update of Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations apps version 10.0.7

  1. Budget Register Entry Enhancements
  2. Ability to export records from the accounts payable invoice pool
  3. Ledger Settlements by User
  4. Forecast position reports(Public sector)
  5. Mark a Purchase agreement as closed
    • Users can now mark a Purchase agreement as “Closed” to signal the agreement is no longer actively used, making it so users will not be able to create release orders from the purchase agreement.
  6. Delayed Tax calculation on journal
  7. Reverse Journal posting
  8. Stop workflow submission when there are unallocated charges on a vendor invoice
  9. Account group selection for Chinese voucher types
  10. Sort resource in the project by invoice proposal
  11. Run Settle and post sales tax in batch mode
  12. Tax engine GTE (only available for India

For more details visit Microsoft Documentation using below link


Whats changed in 10.0.7

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