Benefits of Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing – Part 2

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  1. Cost effective
    • Its has pay as you go or consumption based pricing model
    • No upfront infrastructure cost
    • No need to purchase or manage costly infrastructure
    • Based on needs resources can be added or remove which are no longer required
  2. Scalable
    • Its supports  both vertical and horizontal scaling
      • Vertical Scaling – known as ‘Scaling up’ is the process of adding resources to increase the power of an existing server.example of vertical scaling is adding more CPUs or memory
      • Horizontal Scaling – know as ‘Scaling out’is the process of adding more servers that function together as one unit. example more than one server processing request together.
  3. Elastic
    • Based on the workload it automatically adding or removing the resources. Example is website that gain attention overnight because of some article published. Then it automatically assign more computing resources to handle the increased traffic. When traffic is normal than cloud automatically de-allocate the resources.
  4. Reliable
    • Its reliable because it available globally and uptime is 100% for the services.
  5. Global
    • Cloud providers  have fully loaded data centers across the globe on different locations.
  6. Secure
    • Cloud is secure than locally manage services because cloud providers offer wide range of policies, technologies, control and expert technical skills to manage the digital security. Cloud providers invest heavily in the security sector, as walls, electronic gates, cameras to protect physical assets.


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